let's face it - it's hard to ignore data science


Just like one cannot ignore Tech or the Cloud, Data, and in particular the science of using it is not just for Google, Facebook or Amazon. If you want to be truly competitive - whether it means to grow your market share or to sustain momentum - no matter what your size, you need Data Science. 

At Redwood Algorithms, we partner with organisations to build cutting edge Data Science solutions that are relevant for them.  

Our expertise lies in creating algorithms based on Predictive Modelling and Machine Learning techniques, and in designing Data Science training solutions.

But what makes our solutions truly innovative is that they are not founded on a one size fits all approach.

All our solutions - whether in consulting or training - are tailor made to your domain specific data and requirements. 


years building Data Science consulting and training solutions


projects completed across various domains/verticals as a team


corporates we have worked with to build Data Science capability in their teams


we BELIEVE that data science solutions SHOULD be democratized

We have a world class team of Data Scientists who are seasoned industry professionals. We have also built some rather complex Data Science models. Plus customized training solutions for verticals ranging from CPG to eCommerce to Pharma and even the Public Sector. 

But this does not mean our solutions are beyond the reach of any organisation.

We deliver top notch solutions but by keeping our teams lean and without any unnecessary investment in expensive tools.

This is why our solutions are accessible - which has resulted in a diversity that extends beyond the domains we have worked in.

From boutique enterprises to large corporations to mid size firms to not for profit organisations, we are proud to have been Data Science partners with not just successful but inspiring and innovative companies as well, since inception. 







We develop cutting edge Data Science models based on Predictive Modelling and Machine Learning techniques, for organisations across various domains. Our expertise lies in drawing deep insights from data - structured and unstructured - to come up with solutions that  solve immediate business problems and provide a concrete strategy for growth.



We believe that any type of data is amenable to algorithm building.  This along with our expertise in building Data Science models allows us to help organisations create an organised and usable Data Structure by cleaning, refining and structuring their vast ocean of data.  We even augment your existing data by scraping the web for relevant info.



Redwood's proprietary Social Stack for Digital Analytics™  helps us devise strategies that can create or strengthen an organisations Digital presence. Our methodology does a deep dive into  Digital and socio economic data as well. Our combination of quantitative and qualitative analysis gives us insights that are critical to drive any successful cost effective Digital Marketing campaign. 



At Redwood we believe that you do not have to outsource all of your Data Science work. All you need are  people with the right capabilities in-house to manage it all.  

Our Training solutions encapsulate the entire gamut of capability building from assessing people within your organisation or outside who can build great Data Science solutions for you, providing them domain specific training and mentoring them once they hit the ground running.  We stop at nothing short of ensuring your data needs are in the hands of a crack Data Science team.