what you need is not just customers, but profitable customers

Your business needs a customer who maximises your revenue. That's a no brainer. But if you want to make sure you are laughing all the way to the bank, you need to ensure your ROI per customer is pretty high. Let's face it, whether you have deep pockets or not, no one wants to spend a lot to acquire a customer, and then wait (sometimes indefinitely!) for the returns to reflect. 

Redwood Algorithms Social Intelligence Stack® for Digital, though complex to build is simple enough to grasp. It ensures that you get the maximum out of your spend per customer. 

 Our work begins with your data, but from there we look beyond that to factors that are cultural, social, economic and digital to arrive at a segment which you can truly say are "customers that love you, love your brand and will remain loyal to you." But above all guarantee the highest ROI for you!


With the Social Intelligence Stack® for Digital we look at nuances that go beyond a database

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so that what you get is a profitable customer acquisition strategy

that is modelled by Data Science built on Big Data built on Small Data built on Socio Economic Data built on Digital Data built to acquire profitable customers


what we focus on

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Who is your most profitable customer?

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Do all of your current customers qualify as profitable customers?

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Have you reached all of your profitable customers?

The Social Intelligence Stack® process is designed to help organisations identify not just the profitable customer segments but also the most optimal Digital strategy for each of these segments


what we do

Optimize your Digital identity through your website, social media presence and social media campaigns




You get to know who is your most profitable customer.

We start with your customer database. We then look at various socio economic and digital parameters to identify the most profitable customer segments for you. 

Data used

Customer data

Google Analytics data

Social Media analytics/insights data

Socio Economic data

Cultural data


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You get the complete Digital presence.

We design and build out your digital identity which includes your website and social media pages, targeting the identified segments.

Digital Identities we create

Design & build your website

SEO for your website

Create your Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter pages (we focus on other social media platforms based on the insights we derive)


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You get people highly interested in your business at the minimum cost.

We design and run your social media campaigns targeting your identified audience. This ensures that only relevant traffic is directed to your website, reducing your marketing spends significantly. 

Advertising activities we manage

Facebook ad campaigns

Google ad Campaigns

Manage Facebook page engagement

Manage Twitter page engagement

Analyse your Google analytics data



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You get high-quality leads at minimum spends.

We use online chat software to ensure visitors to your website are converted to leads. 

Lead generation activities

Set up Olark chat software

Manage online chat 


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Your brand gets a higher appeal due to personalised engagement.

We create highly customised email campaigns to manage engagement with your leads.

Lead engagement activities

Set up email marketing via Mailchimp

Design and create customised email templates

Manage your Mailchimp customer/lead list

Automate your customised engagement via Mailchimp

Set up  Salesforce to manage your leads and conversions


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You get High Life Time Value customers with maximum ROI.

This is where your Sales team supported by your awesome product/service makes the sale for you!

Optimising lead generation

Analyse new customer data

Web analytics

Social media analytics

Align Digital Marketing campaign to new insights

Some of our Success Stories


A boutique multi speciality hospital zeroes in on their target segment resulting in 100% occupancy



A healthcare startup providing niche services identifies a segment with a profitable customer lifetime value



A non profit in the education sector uses its Digital identity to reach out to donors and volunteers



Looking to create a profitable customer acquisition strategy for your organisation?

How are we different from a Digital Marketing Agency?

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Creatives are based on Market research. However Big Data analytics is not leveraged.

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Segments are identified based on Big data Analytical methods which means analysis of client’s customer database and their social media analytics. Creatives (social media/ website/email marketing) are designed to target these specific segments.


Engage with you and chalk out a 6 month plan that involves coding up your website ground up. Dependancy on tech geek to make any changes at a later date

We use the quickest, easiest, cheapest way to create life long digital assets that you can control without a tech geek. The purist will not agree with our method but then again we are in the business of growing your business, not creating perfect technology .

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Creatives jocks from top design schools who will create Cannes winning campaigns, costing a pile but which may not be necessary at year 1 of Business

Its unlikely that a mid size tech firm will have consultants who understand technology, creatives and digital. This is what the best in class is thinking: Read here.

Redwood brings together a unique set of expertise - Creatives & Technology grounded in an Analysis of Big Data. This unique expertise combined with running a successful, profitable organisation, makes Redwood the right partner for you to transform your vision to reality.

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All our efforts culminate here - generating viable leads that will result in profitable customers for you.

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The value which the clients brings to the table here far exceeds what we can do. This is where we let our clients work their magic!