data! data! data! i can't make bricks without clay!

Creating bricks of data is not just about taking what you have and using it.  Your data needs to be worked on before it can be termed "amenable for use" 

Making your databases amenable for use can be an overwhelming process and could require heavy investment in people and tools.  We believe that your organization's focus should be centered around your core processes or on figuring out how to apply your organised data to grow your business, rather than getting it to the stage where it can be termed "organised"

Our expertise in Data Enrichment has helped us develop solutions that organise data - no matter the size - into a structured format, as well as augment it with relevant information, at a significantly lower cost to organizations. 


how organisations can benefit from our data enrichment solutions

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By augmenting your customer data to get a better understanding of your customer base


By creating structured datasets for products/catalogs by adding missing product attributes

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By improving the overall quality of your datasets to increase accuracy of results and/or make your data amenable to algorithm building 


data enrichment solutions we offer

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Organizing data into a usable, structured format through pattern recognition techniques

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Enriching existing data by scraping source documents or the web for additional information/attributes


why our data enrichment solutions are superior



Our superior Data Science expertise and experience enables us to organise and augment datasets with minimal errors. In addition our in house data scraping tool, ensures that when augmenting data we are looking only at the right sources



By using the right Data Science techniques and tools we ensure that the time taken to complete a project is significantly less than if the same tasks were to be undertaken manually.


lowerS cost

Our solutions are automated ensuring that organisations do not need to build teams to manage data parsing or enrichment. It also allows businesses to deploy resources towards their core activities. 


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