Since 2008, we have built high end Data Science Capability in close to 200 organisations at the cutting edge of their industries


By working with diverse organisations, we have gained expertise in data applications in areas like weather prediction, terror analysis, retail analysis, social media monitoring, finance, medicine, life sciences, product design, eCommerce, manufacturing, media, HR name a few


disrupting traditional work streams through automation


Our Data Science capability building solutions prepare you for the challenges ahead with a focus on next gen skills and competencies, so that you move from just being a Data 'Management' Team  to being a Data 'Science' Team.



Customised content for Data Science


Course content developed internally and vetted by industry experts


Conceptual learning


Focus on the fundamental concepts and application in the industry supported extensive case studies and sample data    


Experienced trainers


Training conducted by experienced in-house trainers and empaneled industry practitioners


what we build capability in


From tools such as  Excel, VBA, R, SQL,Hadoop, Tableau, Python to applications in Analytics, Machine Learning and Automation, we cover everything that a cutting edge Data Science team needs.


Introduction to Analytics

Introduction to CRISP-DM

Introduction to Statistics

Hypothesis Testing 


Linear Regression

Logistic Regression

Cluster & Factor Analysis

Market Basket Analysis


Decision Trees & Random Forest

Time Series

Text Analytics

Neural Networks


Customer Lifetime Value

Survival Analysis

Support Vector Machine

K-nearest Neighbours


Looking to build a winning Data Science Team?