are you still questioning if your ORGANISATION needs data science? 

Data Science is more than BI or Analytics. You may have found a lot of success so far by using this in your organization. But as your quantum of data grows (and it will till you start seeing it as a deluge), you definitely need to start thinking about solutions that help you leverage it so that you can remain competitive and relevant in your chosen field of business.

Cue Data Science. And cue Us. We are a group of Data Scientists with diverse professional and academic backgrounds who enable companies to use their data better - in decision making, strategy building or market responsiveness - by using cutting edge Data Science solutions.  

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Our expertise lies in being able to derive actionable insights from any type of data, by using techniques such as Predictive Modeling and Machine Learning.  We have mastered the art of building predictive algorithms that result in innovative and modern insights on all types of data including unstructured and Digital data. 

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Our domain experience is wide and we have developed Data Science solutions for organisations in the BFSI, Healthcare, Oil and Gas, eCommerce and IT sectors - to name a few.

We work with big or small organisations, and big or small data, because we want to empower visionary and innovative organisations to harness the power of Data Science. So to paraphrase a popular Data Science quote "Hidden in your mounds of data is something that can change life for your organization (without a doubt for the better!), or even change the world!"

A combination of Methodology, Statistics and Technology makes up the Redwood Data Science Stack.


1. redwood data science methodology

The methodology we adopt is the globally recognised CRISP-DM model. 

At Redwood, our seasoned Data Science professionals understand how businesses want to use their data and then arrive at solutions which make that happen. We even suggest more ways in which your organization can be leveraging their data. 

Our approach is to give you the best solution within a reasonable time frame (and by that we mean weeks and not years!) We aim to be inventive but our solutions will be on point and simple to grasp.



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2. redwood data science statistical stack

The techniques we use are cutting edge, and our penchant for research and drive for excellence means that we are constantly adopting the most up to data techniques and technology




Linear Regression

Logistic Regression

Decision Tree

Random Forest


Support Vector Machines

K-nearest neighbours

K-means clustering

Association Analysis


Gradient Boosting Machines

Neural Networks

Naive Bayes Classification

Natural Language Processing


3. redwood data science technology stack

The technology we use during the solutioning and deployment phase of our projects are the best in class.  

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a glimpse at some of the projects we have worked on


internet of things

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Anamoly detection and Fault prediction carried out on unsupervised time stamped data collected from sensors of a manufacturing plant.


oil and gas

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Created a Predictive Model to optimise yield and draw correlations among all possible variables within semi structured data available on three types of oil wells.


workforce modelling

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Created an Attrition Model using Multi Variate Analysis to determine factors that would result in lower attrition and higher productivity amongst staff of a mid size pharma company.


data! data! data! i can't make bricks without clay!

Creating bricks of data is not just about taking what you have and using it.  Your data needs to be worked on before it can be termed "amenable for use" 

Making your databases amenable for use can be an overwhelming process and could require heavy investment in people and tools.  We believe that your organization's focus should be centered around your core processes or on figuring out how to apply your organised data to grow your business, rather than getting it to the stage where it can be termed "organised"

Our expertise in Data Enrichment has helped us develop solutions that organise data - no matter the size - into a structured format, as well as augment it with relevant information, at a significantly lower cost to organizations. 


how organisations can benefit from our data enrichment solutions

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By augmenting your customer data to get a better understanding of your customer base


By creating structured datasets for products/catalogs by adding missing product attributes

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By improving the overall quality of your datasets to increase accuracy of results and/or make your data amenable to algorithm building 


data enrichment solutions we offer

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Organizing data into a usable, structured format through pattern recognition techniques

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Enriching existing data by scraping source documents or the web for additional information/attributes


why our data enrichment solutions are superior



Our superior Data Science expertise and experience enables us to organise and augment datasets with minimal errors. In addition our in house data scraping tool, ensures that when augmenting data we are looking only at the right sources



By using the right Data Science techniques and tools we ensure that the time taken to complete a project is significantly less than if the same tasks were to be undertaken manually.


lowerS cost

Our solutions are automated ensuring that organisations do not need to build teams to manage data parsing or enrichment. It also allows businesses to deploy resources towards their core activities. 


Looking for Data Science Consulting Solutions for your organization?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a software application that replicates the actions of a human being interacting with the user interface of a computer system.

Robotic Process Automation operates on the user interface (UI) in the same way that a human would; this is a significant departure from traditional forms of IT integration which have historically been based on Application Programming Interfaces (or APIs)


how organisations can benefit from our robotic process automation solutions


Increasing compliance as software is configured to follow regulations and is easily audited.


Improving Service Quality

Reducing Service Costs

Doing more work with fewer humans.

Executing services quicker

Increasing work team flexibility as software is configured to execute multiple processes and can be deployed where needed.

Extending service coverage to 24 hours without shift work.


Looking for Data Science Consulting Solutions for your organisation?