Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a software application that replicates the actions of a human being interacting with the user interface of a computer system.

Robotic Process Automation operates on the user interface (UI) in the same way that a human would; this is a significant departure from traditional forms of IT integration which have historically been based on Application Programming Interfaces (or APIs)


how organisations can benefit from our robotic process automation solutions


Increasing compliance as software is configured to follow regulations and is easily audited.


Improving Service Quality

Reducing Service Costs

Doing more work with fewer humans.

Executing services quicker

Increasing work team flexibility as software is configured to execute multiple processes and can be deployed where needed.

Extending service coverage to 24 hours without shift work.


what we do

pre sales and bid management.jpg

Assist Sales and SD teams during sales/pre-sales cycle; create RFP responses and business cases for technology led transformation including Pricing, Soln. Design, Productivity improvement, Return on Investment (ROI) and Implementation Roadmap.

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Create Business Case for RPA, recommend solutions & RPA tool based on CBA, redesign, develop, test & deploy RPA solutions, standardise & stabilise robots, prepare Case Study for Marketing


our rpa framework



  • Create Client Sales pitch deck
  • Landscaping of all processes to implement RPA
  • Forecast High Level Cost Benefit
  • Required System Access


  • Value Stream mapping on "as is" process
  • Design thinking approach for 'To Be' process

  • Project Report


Processes can be with different vendors


CBA - Multiple scenarios with different tools



  • Functional requirement document

  • Sprint Planning

  • Calibrate code against standards
  • User Acceptance Test


  • BCP to move to production

  • Centralised Team to monitor Robots

  • Daily reports on Robot performance

Daily communication Impediment tracker




Identification of resources within the organisation – We believe that RPA is a Process solution & not a technology solution so we train process SME on chosen tool.

These process SME will be supported by Redwood RPA team.


applications of rpa


HR Services

RPA reduces Payroll processing costs by 80%

With the amount of form filling, data gathering, updating & disseminating and request processing, HR may find it difficult to find dedicated time to focus anything other than administrative tasks. 


Finance & Accounting

RPA reduces cost to process an invoice by 60%

Within this analytical and efficiency–critical age F & A time is much better spent talking with customers and vendors, analysing data and streamlining processes from end-to-end.


IT Services

IT spends 30% of time on low level tasks which can be automated via RPA

If Gartner’s prediction that IT will become the “catalyst for the next phase of innovation in personal and competitive business ecosystems” by the year 2020 is going to come to fruition, IT needs to embrace automation as a way to focus on the initiatives that require innovative thinking and still take care of the critical organisational tasks currently consuming much of their time.


Supply chain

Supply chain problems cost companies between9-20% of their value over a 6 month period.

Among the top challenges for supply chains today are determining which supply chain improvements to focus on, logging performance metrics, and dealing with wide sweeping complexity between warehouses, manufacturing facilities, transporters and customers.


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