Our Culture


At Redwood, we believe that we need to be bound by a common code.

So whether designing a training module, talking to the people who come to us to learn more or to evaluate our expertise, engaging with our clients, building Data Science models, researching, creating and in our intense discussions with each other, we strive to follow a certain set of values.

Working at Redwood was sheer baptism by fire! But once I got the hang of things, I couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else.

Embrace diversity

Be transparent 

Innovate - try something new, try something different 

Encourage independent thinking 

Demonstrate drive and initiative

Do not be afraid to walk away 

Be authentic 

Strive for excellence, strive for quality

 Get creative 

  Be an exception to the rule

Approach with empathy 


our people


gautam munshi

Founder and CEO


maria jose

Director - Delivery



Manager - Finance and Operations


swaminathan SB

Independent Director & Advisor

Chandra website 300.png

chandra shekar

Managing Partner