The Organisation

The organisation is a two year old start up founded by a couple of friends who were bitten by the entrepreneurial bug after having made their individual mark in the advertising and analytics industries.  These days lifestyle choices and advances in medicine have resulted in longer lifespans. The elderly require a lot of facilities and services to make life a lot easier. While there is a lot attention being showered on the younger populace in terms of services and products to make life more comfortable or easy, the older segment is still left largely untouched. The options to this vast growing segment are not as many or varied. It was this gap that these newly minted entrepreneurs aimed to plug. 

The start up focussed on being an aggregator for all services that the elderly would require or a young adult caring for their elderly relatives would require.  


Identify target audience

Evidence of lead generation via digital analytics solutions in 30 days.



Founded in 2014

Focus: Aggregator of services for the elderly



The Redwood Solution

1. Analysing Customer Data

The project kick-started with us diving into the start up's database. This consisted of enquiry data and specifically those enquiries which had converted to paying customer, in a structured format. On analysing this data, the medical condition/s that were most common among the customers were identified along with the services that were most frequently being used by them.

2. Defining the target audience

Rather than advertising all services that are provided on the platform, we zeroed in on the service that was most widely used by those who had the most frequently recurring medical problem/s. With this information in hand, the customers who fell under this bucket were further analysed. This analysis required augmenting the information that the start up already had in their database with publicly available social media data. This resulted in a deeper understanding of the segment and in some instances their need for a particular service. 

3. Digital assets optimised for the targeted audience

With the customer profile information and a deep understanding of levers that influence this profile, the digital assets that the start up had already been managing were optimised. This ensured that content that was relevant and which resonated with the target audience was posted. 

4. Advertising to the right audience

Highly targeted campaigns were designed with the insights garnered from the analysis on the following platforms.

i. Facebook ad campaigns

ii. Google Adwords campaigns 

5. Lead generation: The result of the 30 day challenge

The challenge posed to Redwood was to generate 30 leads in 30 days. The targeted campaigns with creatives designed keeping in mind the target audience and the highly sensitive need for such services, resulted in an increase in traffic to the website and enquiries. Needless to say, we succeeded in generating 30 leads in less than 30 days.



As a result of Redwood's digital solution the start up identified a specific segment of people with a particular medical condition, among the elderly that were most likely to take up their services. This particular segment required a very specific set of care and service providers. However this was not easily accessible. This gave the startup a first mover advantage in carving out a marketshare for this niche service. With the understanding of this segment, new geographies opened up.

The start up obtained a proven model of online customer acquIsition.