The organisation is a boutique healthcare consulting firm dedicated to help businesses achieve their growth expectations through bespoke interventions in Marketing and Sales Force Excellence. It does this by bridging both consulting and capability building. Consulting interventions identify the barriers to growth in Marketing and Sales Force Effectiveness. The Capability Building Interventions then help embed Marketing Excellence & Sales Force Excellence in Business Teams increasing their fitness to execute the strategy and drive business growth. The organisation was looking for a digital makeover - a new website that was more contemporary for a global audience and yet it did not look or communicate like a typical consulting company's website.


organisation stats

  • Founded in 2009
  • Focus: Strategic leadership coaching and consulting in Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

 digital analytics goal

  • Build a new modern, clean and search engine friendly website
  • Set up effective tracking mechanism



 success metrics


  • New website created that was highly optimised for all search engines on desktop, tablet and mobile phone
  • Relevant tracking system was set up 


1. Secondary Research

An extensive research was conducted on the best practices going on in the Healthcare industry globally. The keywords specific to the Healthcare industry were identified for incorporation in the content framework.

2. Building out the Website

The Website was designed and built out keeping in mind the global target audience of the organisation and ensured that the ethos of the old website was alive and came out effortlessly in the new website. Efforts were taken to ensure that the new website was rich in organic content and graphics.

3. Search Engine Optimisation

We made sure that the Website URLs and content had the industry-specific keywords, image alt text tags were installed properly, sitemaps were installed, the Google Search Console, Google MyBusiness Page had also been linked to the website. 

4. Getting Advertising-ready

We made the organisation advertising-ready by setting up the required tracking mechanism from Facebook, Google, LinkedIn to the website.


impact of Redwood's digital solution using the social intelligence stack™

As a result of the Digital Marketing solutions made sharper by Digital Analytics, the organisation now had a modern website, highly responsive to desktop, tablets and mobile phones. The website rankings improved considerably as a result of the concerted efforts. This resulted in an increase in the number of visitors to the website as well.

The Healthcare Consulting Company had successfully transformed it's digital identity, with a more universal appeal.