The organisation is the country’s best-known rebar brand that sells through an established network of nearly 4000 Dealers across the country. Having been in the market for 110 years, the company enjoys a strong offline presence coupled with enormous faith/trust placed on it by its customers. The organisation had a strong digital presence for a year and a half, however, it was incurring a very high cost to acquire customers online. The organisation was looking to Redwood Algorithms Social Intelligence Stack™ for Digital to reduce this cost by over 50%.



organiSation stats

  • Established in 1907
  • Focus: Rebar Brand
  • Cost of Online Customer Acquisition : 1000

 digital analytics goal

  • Find out the segment of the most profitable customers
  • Earn higher return on marketing spends by reducing the cost of customer acquisition online



 success metrics


  • Generated 251 Leads in 15 days
  • Reduced cost of online customer acquisition by over 50%


1. Analysing Customer Data

On analysing the organisation’s past online customers data, we identified the top geographies or states in India in terms of demand that contributed majorly to the organisation’s sales through the online platform. With this information, the online audience for the rebar brand was then identified.

2. Defining the Target audience

Rather than the generic advertising to all states all over the country, marketing spends were directed only to those states that had the highest demand and the lowest cost of acquisition. 

Before marketing, a profile of the audience for the rebar brand, geography wise, was built, beyond the basic demographics by augmenting the existing organisation data with social media data. As result of this, a very good understanding of the audiences' interests and digital behaviour was obtained.

3. Advertising to the right audience

With the wealth of audience information in hand, highly targeted campaigns were run on the following platforms.

i. Facebook ads campaigns

ii. Google Adwords campaigns

This resulted in massive increase in traffic to the website.

4. Capturing relevant leads 

As a result of highly targeted advertising, traffic that hit the website, landed on pages where content, imagery, visuals were absolutely customised for them. This resulted in higher than ever conversion of visitors to leads. 

5. Designed Customised Engagement

Several Remarketing campaigns were run on the website visitors to turn them to leads. The calling team was set in place to call every lead who enquired through this engagement.


impact of Redwood's digital solution using the social intelligence stack

As a result of the Digital Marketing solutions made sharper by Digital Analytics, the Steel Organisation was able to save its marketing spends by 150%, as lead acquisition went up by 100% on a monthly basis. The Organisation opened a new channel of being able to generate credible leads via Facebook, a channel that they had not tried before. Moreover, a scalable Online Customer Acquisition model, comprising of two effective channels was built, that could be replicated to generate more leads by putting in more budget.

The Steel Organisation got a highly optimised, tried and tested Digital Strategy for it's most popular rebar brand.