Are you excited to find your most profitable customer?

You sure do have a lot of customers, but do you know who is your most profitable customer? The RA Golden Segment helps you identify your very own golden segment, i.e. your set of most profitable customers, so you can reap the benefits and increase revenues and profit margins at reduced cost.


Identify your most profitable customer

Building algorithms to identify your golden segment

We begin our work with your customer data, transform, augment and enrich the same with external sources and thereafter run multi-variate statistical tests on the same to identify your Golden Segment. What you get, is an Algorithm, that, when run on your customer dataset, will always help you identify you most profitable customers from the entire pool of your customers.

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Acquire millions of profitable customers across geographies

Design and conduct Designs of Experiments (DOE)

We build out content and Ad Creatives that appeal to your Golden Segment and test the same via several Designs of experiments run on Google / Facebook / LinkedIn. We track important parameters like Click through rates (CTRs) and conversion rates on a real-time basis to reduce cost as much as possible.

Conduct and set up DOEs

Reduce Costs considerably

Analyse Designs of Experiments (DOE)

We analyse the various reports generated by Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn Insights on the DOEs so conducted to identify the major factors that contribute to each element of the Sales Funnel, from traffic to clicks to leads to conversions.

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Get maximum Return on Investment

Derive the Winning formula

We analyse the DOE Grid Data and give you the Winning formula of Creatives, Platforms, Budgets, Bids for a successful Lead Generation campaign.

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The Final Impact

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Get High Lifetime Value Customers at the best cost, with maximum Return on Investment!


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