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It is an internet world and the entire world is on the internet. Studies show that about 80% of the consumers use the internet to search for products and services they need before they make a purchase. With RA Digital, we make sure you don't lose out on the 'search results' of your consumers.


Repeating revenue generating properties that provide profitable rent lifelong

Building out your digital assets

We design and build the most optimum website for you that is rich in content and graphics, search engine friendly and highly responsive to desktop, tablets and mobiles. We also identify the right mix of Social media presence for your business and create the relevant accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, Pinterest and so on.

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Always be visible on the top of Search Engines

Search Engine Optimisation Set-Up

In layman language, we make sure that your website comes out on top of all search results all the time. We provide you your detailed industry-specific Keyword research report, install and index image Alt text, sitemaps, robots.txt and also set-up and integrate Google Search Console.


Get prepared to make the most of every digital dollar you spend

Get advertising-ready

We set-up and link your Google Adwords Account, Google Analytics Account, Facebook pixel, LinkedIn Insights Code to your website. This set-up provides a strong framework for capturing and reporting demographic and psychographic data about your customers.

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Reach out, interact and engage with your customers where they are

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Social Media Engagement

We build out the most optimum Social Media Engagement Strategy for your business on any two social media platforms, test and run the same for a period of ten days and give you a Social Media Engagement Strategy that's proven and works.


Track and Save costs

Reporting System Set-Up

We set up a Business Dashboard wherein you can view the status of all your Social Media Campaigns on a real-time basis, track important metrics, generate important reports yourself and get greatest returns on every penny spent.

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The Final Impact

Ready to take off!

Your business is now digitally equipped to find new customers, engage with existing customers and retain them. 


Ready for your Digital Take-off?

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