Are you ready to make the most out of your data?

Your business has an enormous amount of information, information which if recorded in the correct format, can help you do wonders. With the RA Datamart, we work to ensure that all your business reports are just a click away. We aim to simplify the decision-making process for you and your business.

decoding your business

Integrate Big data into decision-making

Decoding your Business metrics

We understand your business to identify the key performance indicators that are vital to strategy formulation and decision-making and also the various types of data that would be required to facilitate the same.


Get your data in ready, usable form

Identifying Data Sources and Data capture

We look at the different Data Sources and the different methods for Data Capture that exist for your business, within different departments and formulate a strategy to integrate the various Data sources into one and outline one standardised Data capture format in line with current Business strategy and decision-making.

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Track customer-level information and take better decisions

Analytics Datamart - a 360° view of your customer

The Analytics Datamart is your very own repository of all customer data - the data collected from all various sources of Data Capture, in the correct format, augmented with external sources. It offers you a drill-down into your data, helps understand and capture important metrics and trends, generate actionable insights and predictive power in terms of decision-making.


Save time and effort

Build an efficient reporting procedure

We help build an efficient Reporting procedure for your business from the Analytics Datamart by developing standardised template structures for different types of reporting.

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Track real-time activity and take real-time decisions

Build Business Dashboard

Build Business Dashboard that can be effectively used to track KPIs, metrics and several data points relevant to the business, department or a specific process on a real-time basis.


Save Costs, make business decisions ahead of time

Build Scoring Models

We build one Scoring Model from the Analytics Datamart, using multivariate statistical analysis, depending on the specific business requirements.

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Redeploy Manpower


We set down an efficient Workflow strategy for your business wherein we try to automate report generation techniques from the Business Dashboard as much as possible, thus improving overall business efficiency.


Empower your team technologically

Capability Building

We build the necessary Capability within your team on the basic concepts and processes of Analytics and Automation so employed, such that the team is intellectually prepared and works independently and efficiently post our engagement.

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The Final Impact

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Highly Intelligent decision-making simplified!


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