Are your Campaigns optimised for the right goal?


Are your Ad Budgets penny-wise pound foolish?

Are the Bids you place a random guess?

Are you running your campaigns for the right amount of time?


Are you judging the success of your campaigns based on a gut feel?


Your campaigns need not be based on your gut instincts, you should know exactly where you spend your money. With RA Audit, you get your own Campaign Success Design Model, so that you make the most of every dollar spent.


Save Costs, get better results at lower spends

Mathematics of Success

We think that running Ad Campaigns on Google or Facebook is much a science as it is an art. Your gut feel should not decide the Bid strategy, Mathematics should! We mathematically derive the factors that contribute towards the success of your campaigns and thereby give you your most optimal Digital strategy.

mathematically derive factors.png
winning formula.png

Take decisions backed by Data

Derive the Winning Formula

We give you the Winning formula of the various variables that influence Campaign success like Platforms, Ad Budgets, Bid Strategy, Conversion goal for successfully running campaigns that will work.


The Final Impact

campaign success.png

You know exactly how much spend on what factors and will hence reduce your cost of customer acquisition drastically!


Get your very own Campaign Success Design Model.

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