The organisation is an Indian based wellness company focusing on research, development and manufacturing of organic health and beauty products. It aims to combine efficacy of proven Indian herbs qualified with the approved modern techniques to provide safe, effective and holistic solutions to lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension and stress disorders, obesity, immuno-disorders, joint pain and arthritis, hair and scalp disorders etc. It had established the sales model and now aimed to reach a wider audience through Redwood Algorithms The Social Intelligence Stack™ for Digital Analytics.


organiSation stats

  • Recent Indian Startup
  • Focus: Feels deeply responsible towards promoting better consumer health with the help of sustainable farming practices and cultivation and working towards the welfare of the farmers and women and social equity. 

 digital analytics goal

  • Identify the Target Segment
  • Design a Digital Strategy to attract the clones of the identified Target Segment. 



 success metrics


  • A very clear understanding of the Target Segment of people as a result of Data Science 

  • New segments were identified based on the states with highest incidences of diabetes
  • Helped set up efficient tracking system
  • Set-up of a replicable, tried and tested Data Science driven Digital Lead Generation Strategy


1. Analysing Customer Data

On analysing the organisation’s past online customers data and further research conducted by Redwood, we identified the top states in India which showed high incidence of diabetes. With this information, the online audience for the organisation was then identified.

2. Defining the Target audience

Even before we began with the marketing for the organisation, an in depth analysis of the audience was conducted in terms of geography, interests, and age who are likely to suffer from diabetes or are battling it. As result of this, a very good understanding of the audiences' interests and digital behaviour was obtained.

3. Advertising to the right audience

With the wealth of audience information in hand, relevant and suitable ad copies were designed. On completion of the same, highly targeted campaigns were run on:

i. Facebook ads campaigns

This boosted the traffic to the website. The initial target audience was restricted to some states with highest incidence of diabetes. Based on the analysis for a couple of days, the marketing spend was directed to other geographic regions in India to promote good health and wellness. 

4. Real-time analysis of Campaigns to take actions

We analysed the campaigns on a daily basis. This helped us identify our best metrics to shortlist the best performing ad campaigns. We were then able to derive a sturdy formula for future campaigns and the respective costs associated with each campaign.

5. Key Observations and Recommendations

After a thorough analysis, valuable insights were provided to the organisation. This included the dos and don’ts and other essential nitty-gritty for future marketing campaigns on Facebook and other social platforms. Suggestions on increasing sales via offerings discounts, promotions etc also imparted to the organisation. 

impact of Redwood's digital solution using the social INTELLIGENCE stack

As a result of the Digital Marketing solutions made sharper by Digital Analytics, the recently started organisation was able to reach a wider range of audience across India. The organisation opened a new channel of advertising via Facebook, a channel that they had not tried before. New segments of audience were known. We saw an increase in the traffic to the website. The organisation got a highly optimised, tried and tested Digital Strategy for its brand. 

With its focus to promote wellness and healthy lifestyle in India and abroad in the near future, we applaud the incredible hard work the organisation has undertaken.