A Multi Speciality Hospital founded by an eminent family boasting three generations of doctors, and funded by another eminent family office fund. With state-of-the-art facilities, the hospital specialises in planned surgeries.  The hospital stands out from the crowd for their utmost ethical practices and their absolute commitment to transparent billing. But being boutique and competing with major brands in this space, the hospital was highly dependent on external consultants bringing in patients, making their growth plans dependent on external consultants . The hospital management was looking to Digital Analytics to decrease this dependency.


organiSation stats

  • Founded in 2009
  • Focus: Planned surgeries.
  • Bed occupancy rate : 50%

 digital analytics goal

  • Increase # of surgeries from 4 to 8 per day
  • Reduce hospital's dependency on consultants for patients 



 success metrics


  • Increase in traffic to website by 98%
  •  Increased Facebook like by 883% in just 2 months
  • Optimised ads to bring down cost per click by 20%


1. Analysing Customer Data

On analysing the hospital's past customer data, we identified two surgeries that were performed more often than any other surgeries. With this info the audience for these two surgeries were then identified.

2. Defining the Target audience

Rather than advertising all planned surgeries, the two most performed surgeries were marketed. These two acted as the hook to get the relevant audience to the hospital.

Before marketing, a profile of the audience for these two surgeries was built, beyond the basic demographics by augmenting the data with social media data. As result of this a very good understanding of the audiences' interests and digital behaviour was obtained.

3. Building Digital Identities

i. Website: The website was built keeping in mind the target audience and featured very prominently the two surgeries identified.

ii. Facebook: The existing facebook page was revamped with relevant content i.e., content focused on the two primary surgeries targeting the identified audience.

iii. Twitter: The twitter page was also revamped with relevant content and  employed a very targeted strategy to identify influencers.

4. Advertising to the right audience

With the wealth of audience information in hand, highly targeted campaigns were run on the following platforms.

i. Facebook ads campaigns

ii. Google adwords campaigns

This resulted in massive increase in traffic to the website.

5. Capturing relevant leads 

As a result of highly targeted advertising, traffic that hit the website, landed on pages where content, imagery, visuals were absolutely customised for them. This resulted in higher than ever conversion of visitors to leads. 

impact of Redwood's digital solution using the social INTELLIGENCE stack

As a result of the Digital Marketing solutions made sharper by Digital Analytics, the hospital began seeing a higher brand recall. This drastically reduced their dependency on external consultants. At the same time external consultants began referring a higher number of patients as the hospital was becoming much more well recognised amongst the general public. In certain cases patients made the choice to be treated at this hospital. The hospital saw the highest number of walk-ins for procedures - these were patients who had done their online research and identified the hospital as where they would do their surgery. 

This increase in brand awareness resulted in the hospital having the highest ever number of surgeries in a quarter. This also translated to the first ever profitable quarter for the hospital.