The organisation

The organisation is a not-for-profit school for children with special needs which was started and funded by a co-founder of one of India's biggest IT success stories. The school began in 2001 with 5 students and now boats of 106 students. The school developed their own curriculum which is customised to meet the individual needs of each child. The primary aim of the curriculum is to teach and enable each child to live a life of dignity and self - reliance. A testament to the school's success in enabling children with special needs under their care to lead a life of self -reliance, is the fact that around 45% of the children who have graduated from the school are engaged in some form of economic activity. The alumni of this school includes one successful entrepreneur and 4 individuals who have represented India in the Special Olympics and Abilympics.



Founded in 2001

Focus: School for children with special needs


Design and create a digital identity

Design a strategy for online fund raising


The Redwood Solution

1. Building the Digital Identity

i. Website: The website was redesigned and built out. The content and the images/ photos used on the website were reworked. 

ii. Facebook: A Facebook page was created and content generation and curation was undertaken as a part of the content management strategy.

iii. Twitter: Similarly the school's Twitter page was revamped and a strategy was designed and executed to identify and follow global influencers in the field of special needs education.

2. Driving awareness & donations via Digital Campaigns.

The content management strategy was designed in order to first create awareness around the

a. cause

b. the work that the school in particular is doing and has been doing in championing this cause.   

The platforms used to create awareness were:

i. Facebook: Specifically designed content/ imagery created for consumption on Facebook were used to build an emotional connect with visitors to the page and drive a viral effect in terms of shares. 

ii. Facebook Ads: Research was conducted to identify common interests among Facebook users  who are inclined to participate or follow a not-for-profit. This insight formed the basis for Facebook Ads that were run to attract individuals who were more inclined to participate with a not-for-profit. 



As a result of the Digital Campaign, the not-for-profit built and steadily increased its online presence which led to massive awareness being generated around its work and outcomes. This resulted in

a. funds being raised

b. volunteers signing up

c. enquiries from Corporate Organisations who wanted to work with the school as part of their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities