Have you connected to the right customer?


We all know that the best way to find a potential customer is by tapping into the digital world. But often businesses burn a hole in their pocket running ad campaigns to find these customers. Digital analytics, which applies Data Science to digital data helps businesses tap into the right customer segment for them. The result is better quality leads at lower marketing costs. 


redwood's digital analytics lead generation solution


identify customer segment

1. Create a database of customers from data that exists with the client

2. Augment the database using Data Science with relevant information to arrive at the right customer segment for the business

3. In case of new businesses, undertake a thorough customer segmentation exercise to identify the right customer segment



generate leads

1. Set up ad campaigns on Google targeted at the customer segment identified

2. Set up ads on Facebook/Instagram targeted at the customer segment identified

3. Run campaigns on YouTube Make you business details visible on Google by setting up your Google My Business account.

2. Help you set up an online chat team to tap into website visitors


Campaigns for leads.png
Monitor campaigns.png

monitor, maintain, optimize

1. Monitor all ad campaigns on Google, Facebook and Youtbe

2. Review and fine tune campaigns based on real time results of the number and quality of leads generated

3. Set up Email marketing to assist you in conversion of lead to customer

4. Monitor website traffic and activity, make changes to website based on results

5. Automate lead generation campaigns based on your business objectives and strategy