Go Viral. Go Digital.


In today's world, every business needs to have a digital presence. But not just any kind of presence. In fact with more and more people relying on the digital space to fulfill their needs, every organization that wants to stay relevant and grow in today's markets needs to have a strong digital identity.


How redwood will help you build a digital identity



1. Create a new website or redesign your existing website for greater impact in the digital sphere.

2. Make incremental changes to your existing website.

3. Add SEO to ensure your website ranks high during web searches.

4. Integrate to Payment Gateway, and other apps (for scheduling, online chat etc) based on requirement.


integrate with google

1. Make your business details visible on Google by setting up your Google My Business account.

2. Track visitors to website and traffic by connecting your website to Google Analytics.

3. Ensure minimum disruption to website search, identify malware and spam by connecting your website to Google Search Console.

Social Media.png

Build social media awareness

1. Set up Social Media profiles for your business on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

2. In case of existing Social Media profiles, make incremental changes to boost profile.

3. Create specific number of posts/tweets on Social Media profiles relevant to the business 

4. Build awareness of your business on Social Media with the right audience.