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Cloud based consumption & delivery of IT services (including software, analytics applications & more) has recently revolutionized technology usage globally.

        Redwood's Digital360 Cloud Technology program will provide a solid exposure to best-of-breed cloud computing platforms for today's IT practitioners to stay technically relevant. Additionally, Redwood's Cloud program delivers real-world solutions that combines the power of big data/analytics with focused skills in AI & ML to deliver deep insights for our customers.



We offer end to end complete web application design and development covering all aspects of Frontend / Backend / Database and APIs development 

in all major Web application frameworks and stacks: SPRING / RoR / MEAN / .NET / LAMP etc. 

The team has 40 plus years of combined experience in web applications development.




Digital360 Cloud Technology



Overview & Architecture:

Introduce basic building blocks of a cloud service, relation to virtualization, advantages (and some caveats) of cloud offerings

Platforms & Commercial Offerings:

  • Discuss major services offered in Amazon Web services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure and OpenStack (private Cloud). 
  • Identify common services aligned to compute, storage, network, databases, content distribution etc that combine to offer a full blown cloud service

IAAS, PAAS & SAAS example deployments:

  • Differentiate between Infrastructure-as-a-service, Platform-as-a-service & Software-as-a-service, with real world examples on a public cloud. 
  • Appreciation for concepts from networking, storage and operations will develop

Architecting & Migrating to a Private Cloud:

  •         Differences between a private & public cloud; also hybrid & multi cloud introductions
  •       How to prepare, plan and execute migration of an on-premise IT service to a private cloud environment (such as Openstack)
  •         Making a business case for moving to the cloud

Advanced Topics:

        Disaster Recovery, Containers & DevOps for Cloud

Using AI/ML in the Cloud:

        Using publicly available artificial intelligence / machine learning algorithms to work on public data sets and gain deep business insights - all in a cloud environment.


Digital 360 Full Stack Web Development 


Front End Design

Dynamic and rich UI experience via cutting edge technologies like AngularJS, React, Bootstrap etc.




We have expertise on all major Relational and NoSQL databases like Postgres / MySQL / MongoDB



We have extensive experience on all aspects for Enterprise grade application backend e.g.

·         High availability

·         Clustering and Load-balancing

·         Performance tuning  

·         Security and hardening

·         Authentication and Authorization 

·         Disaster recovery

Our Process

We follow SCRUM and TDD based agile process to ensure the on-time and high quality delivery.


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