The organisation, with an immensely rich network of association with all major Indian Private Sector Banks, NBFCs and other Financial Institutions, coupled with a 700+ team of dedicated personnel, is India's leading portal for Financial Products. Ever since its inception in 1996, the organisation ensures that via their internally developed highly proficient Loan Calculator algorithm, they provide their customers with the best options and deals for the loans/financial products of their choice.

However, owing to the vast legacy and strong offline presence, the organisation was struggling to access all of it's own data at one place, use the data to take real-time business decisions and was lagging behind from its competitors in terms of a strong digital customer engagement and acquisition strategy. The organisation wanted to pivot from it's leadership position in the offline space to a powerhouse of Online consumer financial services, using Data Analytics.


organisation stats

  • Founded in 1996
  • Focus: Compare 100+ products in association with more than 40 Banks and NBFCs
  • Pan-India presence with a strength of more than 1200 staff, governed by strong backend at a central location in Mumbai
  • Over 100,000+ Customer Base

 dATA analytics goal

  • Build and establish a standardised Datamart for efficient and usable data capture and modelling
  • Pivot from it's leadership position in the offline space to a powerhouse of Online consumer financial services provider
  • Building an internal team that is geared to play a strategic role in driving business growth online



 success metrics


  • Modelling and score carding for four types of loans with standardised data from pan-India operations

  • Training and monitoring a two-member team in Excel and other relevant databases



1. Business Understanding

We conducted a thorough analysis of the business, it;s competitors to understand the various difficulties that they had been facing - no proper CRM software in place, data scattered in different formats and in different places making it impossible to track repeat purchases, customer churn, customer retention and even the company finances.

2. Building the Analytics DataMart

The organisation had been collecting data and applications in different formats in different regions, we build a standardised model and process, using Excel VBAs and Userform for the same and a repository of all customer data from internal and external sources - the Analytics DataMart. The DataMart was the stepping stone for various types of score carding and modelling, for generation of actionable insights for business use. 

3. Building a standardised reporting procedure

We built a template for standardised reporting on all required business metrics based upon data pulled out from the DataMart. The entire reporting mechanism was automated and standardised.

4. Building a Business Dashoboard

We built a Business Dashboard that could track several KPIs and give an overview of the overall performance metrics on a pan-India and region-wise basis real-time which enabled them to take productive decisions for their sales executives on-field.

5. Building Scoring Models

A total of four Scoring models for each of the following products - Personal Loans. Business Loans, Home Loans and Credit Cards were prepared to predict the probability of someone getting approved for the respective financial products and used the same for Cross-sell and Up-sell.

6. Data-Science driven Lead generation Campaigns

We changed the face of the Digital campaigns that they ran on the following two platforms:

i. Facebook

ii. Google Adwords

The approach was changed from a high friction led Lead generation to a Data Science driven Lead generation, with highly targeted and customised campaigns, with the use of multivariate statistical modelling and score carding on the DataMart.

7. Capability Building

We built the necessary capability in Basic and advanced Excel, VBAs, SQL and R in the two-member team, which enabled them to take on responsibilities independently post our engagement.

impact of Redwood's digital solution using the social intelligence stack

The building of the DataMart was a step towards Finance Automation and MIS Report generation that helped to increase Data security and remove person dependencies and manual intervention. The DataMart helped them to take field-related decisions in terms of redeploying their sales resources on the field and improve the efficiency of the sales process. The Data science led Lead Generation campaigns helped them to better target customers, know exactly who it was they were selling to and improve sales with cross-sell and referral models. The Capability Building sessions ensured that the internal team was empowered with the necessary technical and practical knowledge to understand and take independent initiatives post our engagement.

The Organisation was on the trajectory to become truly a powerhouse of Online consumer financial services provider.