The Organisation provides its users an interactive shopping experience that allows Australians to engage with local retailers via an online platform. It is essentially a  marketplace dedicated for Small and medium size local retailers to engage and provide personalised offers in real-time, based on consumer feedback/requirements, benefiting consumers with great deals and retailers through increased sales as a result of better engagement. This innovative platform allows a community to encourage local prosperity, at the same allows them to do it with all the comforts of the digital era. It had established the sales model and now aimed to reach a wider audience through Redwood Algorithms The Social Intelligence Stack™ for Digital Analytics.


organiSation stats

  • Recent Australian Startup
  • Focus: To create a marketplace for local retailers to provide personalised offers to its customers and help grow local retailers amidst the cut throat competition amongst big brands.

 digital analytics goal

  • Identify the Target Segment
  • Design a Digital Strategy to attract the clones of the identified Target Segment. 



 success metrics


  • A very clear understanding of the Target Segment of people as a result of Data Science 

  • Reached out to an audience of around 10,000 at an average cost per person AUS$ 0.63 within a period of 20 days.


1. Analysing Customer Data

On analysing the organisation’s past online customers data, we identified the top geographies in Australia matching the demand and products offered by the organisation. With this information, the online audience for the organisation was then identified.

2. Defining the Target audience

Even before we began with the marketing for the organisation, an in depth analysis of the audience was conducted in terms of geography, interests, age and preferences. As result of this, a very good understanding of the audiences' interests and digital behaviour was obtained.

The initial target audience was Victoria. Based on further real-time analysis for a couple of days, the marketing spends were then directed to other geographies in Australia.

3. Advertising to the right audience

With the wealth of audience information in hand, relevant and suitable ad copies were designed. On completion of the same, highly targeted campaigns were run on:

i. Facebook ads campaigns

This resulted in massive increase in traffic to the website.

4. Real-time analysis of Campaigns to take actions

We analysed the campaigns on a daily basis. This helped us identify our best metrics to shortlist the best performing ad campaigns. We were then able to derive a sturdy formula for future campaigns and the respective costs associated with each campaign. 

5. Key Observations and Recommendations

After a thorough analysis, valuable insights were provided to the organisation. This included the do's and don’ts and other essential advice for future marketing campaigns on Facebook and other social platforms. 

impact of Redwood's digital solution using the social INTELLIGENCE stack

As a result of the Digital Marketing solutions made sharper by Digital Analytics, the recently started organisation was able to reach a wider range of audience across Australia. New segments of audience were known. Australians were aware of the amazing work done by the organisation for the welfare of the local retailers of Australia amidst the increased competition with the big brands. We successfully reached out to an audience of around 10,000 at an average cost per person AUS$ 0.63 within a period of 20 days.

With the help of Redwood Algorithms The Social Intelligence Stack™, the organisation was able to reach out to a vast untapped segment of potential customers, convert the same into visitors on the website and thereafter to leads.